A/V Analyst

Job Description

Under the direction of the Housing & Hospitality Services (HHS), Assistant Director of Information Technology (IT), support, maintain, manage, and administer all HHS and the Luskin Conference Center audio visual (A/V) systems, related hardware, and software. Venues for these systems include one large ballroom, a 9,000 square foot event terrace, two large auditoriums, three large conference meeting spaces, twenty-four breakout rooms, one 80 seat tiered classroom, and numerous smaller conference spaces, both on and off campus within HHS’s scope of operations. Provide specialized customer support and consulting services for all A/V clients. Provide training services for line staff on the proper operation, maintenance, and care of all A/V hardware, systems, and related services. Duties include management and administration of HHS’s security cameras, digital signage, and related new multimedia IT systems, services, and programs within HHS operations.