Assignment Area Manager (Grad/Family/Faculty)

Job Description

Under the direction of the Assistant Director of Assignment Services, manage the graduate, family, and faculty assignment processes for all Housing and Hospitality Services’ housing accounts. This includes over 1,100 family housing apartments, nearly 200 faculty units, and over 2,500 single graduate spaces.

Manage the daily, weekly and monthly office functions, including housing offer counseling, making assignments, processing transfers and cancellations, parking assignments, NITV, Move In and Move Out procedures, and correspondence to customers and customer service. Analyze assignment efforts, forecasting housing occupancy, and prepare analytical reports on aging for Housing Management, Housing Administrative Senior Management, as well as UCLA Administration’s Senior Management. Analyze processes for improvements and operational efficiency, strategic planning in anticipation of future growth and to maintain fiscal soundness. Hire, train, supervise, and evaluate staff on Housing Services and University policies and procedures as it relates to assignment efforts, customer service, occupancy reconciliation and system operations. Interact with departments on campus in coordinating the housing offers and the resolution of problem assignments (including Department Allocations, Deans and Directors from the Campus, Rooms Operations, Center for Accessible Education, Residential Life and others). Interact with internal and external customers on a regular basis.

The target salary range for this position is between the posted minimum and $7,217 monthly.

Job Qualifications

  • Demonstrated ability in and working knowledge of basic assignment practices and principles. Working knowledge of occupancy maximizing and controls. (Required)
  • Demonstrated skills in supervision of staff including: organization of workflow, delegating responsibility, training, evaluating, motivating, hiring and counseling. (Required)
  • Organizational skills to manage workflow and establish a harmonious and productive environment. (Required)
  • Working knowledge of management principles, trends, and practices as applicable to staff supervision and motivation. (Required)
  • Skill in analyzing operating procedures and recommending necessary changes consistent with accepted revenue management/occupancy practices. (Required)
  • Demonstrated working knowledge in customer service and occupancy management. (Required)
  • Working knowledge of computerized billing and property management systems. (Required)
  • Ability to perform duties independently and with a great degree of accuracy, while meeting established deadlines. (Required)
  • Ability to set goals and priorities which accurately reflect the relative importance of job responsibilities when faced with fluctuating workloads, conflicting deadlines and competing requirements. (Required)
  • Ability to present housing type alternatives to office clients effectively and play an objective counseling role as customers make housing decisions. (Required)
  • Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with staff, coworkers, and other University personnel and interact diplomatically with a diversified public. (Required)
  • Ability to maintain detailed records of staff performance, benchmarks, work standards, and disciplinary measures taken in order to accurately assess performance throughout the year and annually in performance evaluations. (Required)
  • Skill in analyzing information, situations, procedures to define problems and formulate conclusions. (Required)
  • Skill in speaking concisely and logically, using grammatically correct language to convey information, explain policies and procedures, and contractual information accurately. (Required)
  • Experience in writing routine business correspondence, operating procedures, performance evaluations and presentation evaluations and presentation materials using grammatically correct language. (Required)
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Suite products. (Required)

  • Working knowledge of StarRez. (Preferred)
  • Skill in typing and operating a 10-key adding machine by touch with speed and accuracy. (Preferred)
  • General knowledge of data processing (principles and terminology) and the ability to work with hardware and software vendors. (Preferred)
  • Experience in analytical field. (Preferred)