Assistant Cook

Job Description

Under the direction of the Management Team, Principal Cook, Senior Cook and/or Cook, is responsible for providing team leadership to one or more Senior Food Service Workers and Food Service Workers. Assign, motivate and monitor the work of others in the production and/or service of one or more food products from a specified menu. Prepare menu items and recipes according to production, culinary and quality standards. Accurately and appropriately utilize all production equipment. Evaluate recipes and submit changes to management. Assign and monitor food production needs to team members and ensure production needs are met. Adhere to all food handling and sanitation guidelines. Provide gracious customer service. Interact with team members and guests in a high volume dining environment.

This is a multiple-hire job, we are seeking up to 13 new team members.

Job Qualifications

  • Culinary knowledge of food inventory, recipes, menus and production methods, including a good understanding of culinary terminology. (Required)
  • Previous experience producing and presenting food in a high volume food service environment. (Required)
  • Ability to lead small teams, 2-5 people, in a collaborative manner, motivating team to complete tasks effectively and efficiently. (Required)
  • Ability to provide team leadership to one or more Senior Food Service Workers and Food Service Workers. (Required)
  • Ability to accurately complete and maintain paperwork, including temperature logs and production records. (Required)
  • Ability to exercise good judgment and provide guests quality customer service. (Required)
  • Time management and organization skills to review daily production needs and plan daily work schedule. (Required)
  • Knowledge of the rules and procedures of sanitation and safety as they apply to production, storage and service within a food establishment. (Required)
  • Skill in operating equipment such as mixers, food processors, slicers, blenders, impingers, gas range, flat top grill, char broiler, hot wells, deep fat fryers, rotisseries, Rheon machines, woks, sauté pans, steamers, and kettles. (Required)
  • Skill in adding and subtracting whole numbers, decimals and fractions sufficient to properly adhere to production and customer flow parameters. (Required)
  • Ability to perform effectively under conditions of fluctuating workload. (Required)
  • Ability to interact in a team based environment. (Required)
  • Skill in interacting effectively with guests and team members and managers in a high volume public contact setting using positive body language, direct eye contact, active listening, problem solving techniques. (Required)
  • Ability to read, understand, and speak English sufficient to determine and carry out job duties. (Required)
  • Ability to stand continuously throughout an eight hour shift on uncarpeted surfaces. (Required)
  • Ability to occasionally lift items weighing up to fifty pounds such as bags of supplies, filled stock pots, cases of food products. (Required)
  • Ability to stand, climb, stoop, push and crouch for extended periods of time as required to complete job duties. (Required)