Assistant Director of Finance and Budget

Job Description

Reporting to the Director of Finance and Budget, the Housing & Hospitality Services (H&HS) Assistant Director of Finance and Budget is responsible for overseeing the management of financial for H&HS subdivisions, which:

– Employs approximately 2,500 team members
– Manages approximately 60 housing complexes incorporating over 9 million square feet
– Accommodates approximately 16,000 students, faculty, and staff
– Generates over $255 million in revenue annually
– Manages outstanding debt of close to one billion dollars

The incumbent is responsible for developing and maintaining effective financial reports, which support the budgeting and financial planning of all H&HS’ subdivisions. The incumbent will assist the Director of Finance and Budget with the management and evolution of the budgeting process of H&HS; developing all or portions of the annual budget; developing, consolidating, and reporting on annual budgetary information generated by the operating departments; as well as providing advice and counsel to all H&HS subdivisions in the management of their operating and major maintenance budgets.

In addition to the annual budget and financial reporting responsibilities, under the direction of the Director this position will be responsible for assisting in the maintenance of a financial SQL database that consolidates campus financial data from existing UCLA databases (Essbase, Kronos, QDB, etc.) and for developing web-based operating reports to be used by H&HS Managers and Supervisors.

The Assistant Director of Finance and Budget manages Debt for the organization through the long-term (10, 20, and 44 year) Debt Capacity Models for the University of California Housing System (UCHS), Campus Housing System (CHS), Lake Arrowhead, Vending Services, and the Luskin Conference Center, and is instrumental in providing financial analysis and ratio data in support of long-term capital development initiatives.