Assistant Food Service Mechanic

Job Description

Under the general supervision of the Department Manager and the Supervisor/Lead, incumbent assists Food Service Mechanics with the diagnosis, repair, and maintain plumbing, electrical, and mechanical components of commercial food service equipment at properties managed by UCLA Housing & Hospitality Services. Perform semi-skilled maintenance and repair tasks associated with repairing, and maintaining commercial food service equipment components and controls for water, waste, grease waste, gas, electric, steam and exhaust distribution or removal systems and components associated with kitchen/dining areas as a whole and not requiring a licensed technician. Perform non-skilled work that involves oiling, cleaning, adjusting motors, gear box, chains on tray and dish conveyor, and similar equipment, transporting of salt bags for our water softeners. Assist in the performance of work related to the disassembly and inspection of parts, replacement of defective or worn parts, reassembly of equipment, instruments, and/or controls, and testing of equipment to insure that it is functioning properly. Assists with all required preventive maintenance associated with the kitchen equipment and systems which includes helping in changing of various air and water filters. Maintain all logs and records as required by regulation or department policies and procedures.