Audio/Visual Specialist

Job Description

The Audio/Visual Specialist provides primary technical support for all manual and computerized audio-visual equipment for conferences conducted within the LCC property. Inspect and maintain an inventory of all manual and computerized AV equipment. Provide technical support in the research and procurement of manual and computerized audio visual equipment upon request of the Director of Conference Services or General Manager. Provide AV training on continual basis to career and student staff. Assist departments within LCC in recommending and providing the best AV options for their clients.

This is a part-time position (50%).

Must be available to work varying schedules; including evenings, weekends, holidays and over time in order to reflect the business needs of the department.

The target salary range for this position is between the posted minimum and $25.96 hourly.

Job Qualifications

  • Must be knowledgeable with basic PC/Mac hardware: portable/laptops, pc video standard, and multimedia capabilities, with respect to setting up pc’s and integrating them with projection systems, sound systems, remote pointing device, etc. (Required)
  • Must be knowledgeable with pc software: Windows 7, PowerPoint, VISIO and other presentation software, with respect to starting and testing applications and hardware used for presentations, etc. (Required)
  • Ability to drive a University vehicle to transport equipment and travel between event locations. (Required)
  • Skill in hiring, training and supervising crew members. (Required)
  • Skill in reading and comprehending standard English text such as printed University and Department procedures, reports and correspondences. (Required)
  • Ability to write concise, logical and grammatically correct English. Prepare written schedules, plans, employee performance evaluations, payroll reports such as overtime variances and other operational/administrative related reports or correspondence. (Required)
  • Ability to conduct on-site inspections of units for quality control and maintenance needs. Inspections involve walking, standing, crouching, climbing stairs, and ladders. Will also include inspections at off-site locations. (Required)
  • Working knowledge of safety rules and procedures as they pertain to working conditions and equipment usage. (Required)
  • Working knowledge of all appropriate auxiliary equipment, cables, connectors, etc. to support scheduled meetings. (Required)
  • Detailed knowledge of a wide range of audio visual (overhead, opaque, slides, sound mixers, amplifiers speakers, playback systems, compact disc systems); Computerized Multimedia (front/ rear/multiple projectors, computer display and interface equipment, Fast fold screens, Blue Ray Players); as well as the differences between the same piece of equipment by different manufactures. (Required)
  • Ability to effectively troubleshoot technical equipment problems and make appropriate corrections and recommendations. (Required)
  • Skill in organizing and monitoring assignments to complete work in a timely manner when there are changing priorities and pressures of deadlines. (Required)
  • Interpersonal skills sufficient to interact effectively and tactfully with department/university personnel at various levels and with the public in all matters pertaining to the operation. (Required)
  • Ability to communicate effectively on a one-to-one basis and in small group settings to delegate work assignments, conduct unit business and explain department/University policies and procedures as applicable. (Required)
  • Skill in encouraging and motivating individuals to work together as a team to achieve goals and objectives. (Required)
  • Ability to work overtime, swing shifts and weekends to supervise staff and/or meet operational needs. (Required)
  • Skill in working independently and following through on assignments with minimal direction. (Required)
  • Working knowledge of University accounting forms and procedures sufficient to prepare purchase requisitions, Limited Value Orders and campus/department recharges.(Preferred)
  • Ability to accurately monitor usage of labor and supplies to control costs. (Preferred)
  • Working knowledge of Kronos reporting and payroll procedures at the unit level. (Preferred)
  • Working knowledge of University policies and procedures relating to Staff Personnel Policies regarding performance evaluations, disciplinary procedures, training, recruitment and selection. (Preferred)