Bakery Manager

Job Description

Under the direction of the Executive Pastry Chef, the Bakery Manager is responsible for providing team leadership to one or more Principal Bakers, Senior Bakers, Bakers, Assistant Bakers, Senior Food Service Workers and Food Service Workers. Manage the daily operations of our high volume, complex, bakery including, scheduling employees and production, ordering food and nonfood products, maintaining inventory and food cost controls, and developing new recipes. Assign, motivate and monitor the work of others in the production of multiple bakery products from a specified menu to other units. Prepare the most complex bakery recipes in the operation according to culinary, production and quality standards. Accurately and appropriately utilize the various bakery equipment and train and monitor others in its safe usage. Adheres to all food handling and sanitation guidelines. Follows established timelines for food production as required by delivery times and production schedule. Ensure production needs and quality standards are maintained. Maintain accurate paperwork, including temperature logs and production records. Assist in the development and testing of new recipes.

Job Qualifications