Conference Services Assistant

Job Description

Reporting to the Director of Conferences Services, Luskin Conference Center, incumbent provides office management and organization, financial and administrative support. Responsible for planning and managing the DoCS’s calendar, researching, drafting and preparing memos and correspondences, coordinating travel itineraries and establishing both electronic and manual files. Responsible for managing and maintaining the DELPHI database account management system, executing and coordinating all data and reports. Train new users on DELPHI standards and serve as communication link between sales, conference planning system users and management and technology specialists.

Incumbent acts as a personal service ambassador and liaison between the meeting planner and the various hotel departments. Must be a strong communicator with the ability to bring desired results and focus on the meeting planner by anticipating, understanding and acting on their specialized needs. Incumbent must be proficient, with detailed knowledge of the hotel meeting facilities, group dynamics and event details.

Must be able to work nights, weekends and some holidays.