Director of Finance and Budget

Job Description

Housing & Hospitality Services (H&HS) supports the teaching, research, and public service mission of the University by delivering to our customers a wide array of quality services, products, and programs. The department currently operates within a $313M operating budget and employs over 1,800 FTE covered by MSP, PSS, Skilled Crafts, Clerical and Service unit agreements. H&HS is responsible for maintaining and enhancing 135 complexes incorporating over 11 million gross square feet. Currently, H&HS provides room and board accommodations to approximately 12,000 undergraduates, and 4,000 graduate student families, single graduates, upper division undergraduates, faculty and postdoctoral scholars. In addition, H&HS is responsible for the Lake Arrowhead Conference Center and Bruin Woods Family Resort, the 61 room UCLA Guest House located on Campus, UCLA Vending Services, UCLA Catering and the UCLA Community Housing Office, which provides services to the campus community at large. H&HS is responsible for the pre-opening and operation of the new Meyer and Renee Luskin Conference Center (LCC), a residential conference center on campus, which will provide in 2016 lodging, dining, and conferencing services in a facility with 252 rooms and over 25,000 square feet of meeting and dining space.

The Director of Finance and Budget, manages, directs and controls key financial indicators (performance measurements and/or benchmarks) for the organization for the purpose of providing critical data to Department Heads and the H&HS AVC to ensure proactive, thoughtful and informed decision-making. The Director of Finance and Budget manages Debt for the organization through the long-term (10, 20, and 44 year) Debt Capacity Models for University of California Housing System (UCHS), Campus Housing System (CHS), Lake Arrowhead, Vending Services, and the Luskin Conference Center, and is instrumental in providing financial assistance and ratio data in support of long-term capital development initiatives which have exceeded $1 billion. The position also manages the Sustainability and H&HS Recognition functions (Hat’s Off, Years of Service, Retirement including program development and evolution, managing eligibility requirements, and database administration).

The Housing & Hospitality Services Director of Finance and Budget is responsible for advising, assisting and consolidating information from the Sr. Management team on both short and long-term financial planning for the department. Serve as the H&HS strategic financial business leader by providing financial expertise to enable the successful implementation of the organization’s service strategies and initiatives. Execute a business plan that is aligned with and supports the H&HS business strategy and focuses on the execution of financial and accounting activities and the delivery of desirable financial results. In collaboration with the Sr. Management team and the Assistant Vice Chancellor of H&HS, the Director, Budget & Financial Planning develops the annual budgeting and variance reporting process focusing resources and attention to the front line managers responsible for financial activities.

The Director of Finance and Budget manages the H&HS Business Office, providing oversight on all financial transactions to Department Heads and Project Managers and acting as Liaison to UCLA Administrative and campus financial management teams. The Director of Finance and Budget is responsible for the management of the approximate $24 million UCHS annual major maintenance budget, consisting of approximately 400 active projects each year. In this capacity, the Director of Finance and Budget directs Project Managers in proper processes and procedures and enforces same.