Facilities Mechanic - Electric

Job Description

Under the direction of the Project Service Manager Supervisor and Lead Electrician, perform semi-skilled tasks, not requiring a licensed technician, involving the installation, removal, repair, and preventive maintenance, of various components, circuits, and equipment, related to electrical and access control systems on a regular and continuous basis. Work on de-energized circuits and systems operating at up to and including 277 volts. Repair and install new electrical feeders, conduits, boxes, outlets, fixtures and equipment necessary to provide complete working circuits for a variety of electrically powered appliances and equipment. Understand how to energize and de-energize electrical circuits and systems. Repair and install new access control and electrified door hardware systems and their components, including card readers, electrified door releases, interfaces with panic hardware, and power supplies. Assist journey-level electricians in diagnosing and troubleshooting a wide variety of electrical circuits, components, and systems. Assist journey-level electricians in completing repairs to higher level electrical equipment including circuit breakers, panels, distribution systems, motors, and emergency power systems operating at up to 480 volts. Assist journey-level electricians with maintaining and repairing fire alarm systems and components. Maintain all tools and equipment in the proper fashion including vehicles and carts, personally assigned tools, and departmental tools. Perform various administrative and follow-up tasks related to completing work orders forms, logs, and vehicle inspection sheets for example.