Financial Consultant

Job Description

The Administrative Analyst (Financial Consultant) for the Housing Business Office provides analysis, reporting, and financial accountability training to Housing & Hospitality Services managers & supervisors. The position reports to the Director, Finance & Budget, a unit within Housing & Hospitality Services.

Housing & Hospitality Services supports the teaching, research, and public service mission of the University by delivery to our customers a wide array of quality services, products, and programs. The department currently operates within a $313M operating budget and employs over 1,800 FTE. Outstanding debt totals approximately $850 million. The Housing Business Office provides financial analysis is responsible for financial management and accounting overview for expense transactions for central H&HS functions.

The Administrative Analyst position provides point of contact for the financial needs of approximately 220 directors, managers and supervisors of H&HS. Major duties include the preparation of reports, analytical support, tracking data, generating reports, statistical data, developing and maintaining customized monitoring systems that interface with Campus accounting and employee databases, office supply/form ordering, inventory maintenance, correspondence, and client/customer relations. Routine duties include, initiating, monitoring, tracking, and reconciling major maintenance payments for approximately 400 open projects with total budgets exceeding $24 million annually; verifying and initiating payments for routine and unique housing transactions such as legal settlements; accounts payable for the business office which currently is responsible for a $3 million operating budget; supervision of administrative support; database development and management of H&HS financial tracking programs; and consultation and training in H&HS financial, project, and zero-based budgeting processes and principles, basic accounting principles, overview information to the accountability matrix, and the structure, tools, and resources for managing multi-million dollar budgets. The Administrative Analyst is responsible for the supervision and distribution of work in the absence of the Director of Finance & Budget.