Food Service Mechanic

Job Description

Under the general supervision of the Department Manager and the Supervisor/Lead, incumbent is responsible for providing support to properties managed by UCLA Housing & Hospitality Services.

The Food Service Mechanic shall perform semi-skilled and skilled maintenance and repair tasks associated with diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining commercial food service equipment components, their associated electrical, mechanical, and plumbing feeds and connections, and their control systems. Duties shall also include diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining electrical, mechanical and plumbing system feeds and components associated with kitchen/dining areas as a whole. These shall include feeds, components and controls for water, waste, grease waste, gas, electric, steam and exhaust distribution or removal systems. Responsible for determining and implementing all required planned and preventive maintenance associated with the kitchen equipment and systems. Maintain all logs and records as required by regulation or department policies and procedures.

The position will need to operate a university vehicle to take equipment and complete work orders and repairs throughout campus.

Job Qualifications

  • General knowledge of the theory and operation of major types of refrigeration equipment and of the materials, equipment and techniques used in the repair and maintenance of such equipment. (Required)
  • Working knowledge necessary to diagnose, repair and maintain commercial foodservice equipment (i.e. dishwashers, ice machines ovens, fryers, garbage disposals, etc) utilizing a variety of test equipment and instruments. (Required)
  • Working knowledge of plumbing maintenance and repair procedures including pipe and fixture repair and replacement. (Required
  • Working knowledge of low voltage 120/208/480 volt electrical systems, components and automatic controls. (Required)
  • Working knowledge of multi-meters, compound gauges and other test and measurement equipment. (Required)
  • Working knowledge of mechanical components including motors, gears, bearings and fans. (Required)
  • General knowledge of low-pressure steam boilers. (Required)
  • Demonstrated ability to independently perform semi-skilled plumbing, electrical, mechanical and carpentry repairs. (Required)
  • Ability to read and understand plumbing, mechanical and electrical plans, diagrams, drawings and schematics. (Required)
  • Knowledge of regulations, building codes, safety codes and safe-working practices related to the installation, maintenance, repair and operation of commercial food service equipment and refrigeration systems. (Required)
  • Must possess a universal certificate from EPA for handling and purchasing CFS’s and HFC’s. (Required)
  • Skill in operating all hand and power tools associated with food service maintenance and repair work. (Required)
  • Ability to read, write, speak and understand English to a level sufficient to carry out job duties. (Required)
  • Basic math skills including the ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide. The ability to understand fractions, decimals and percentages. The ability to compute basic formulas such as Ohm’s law and area calculations. (Required)
  • Interpersonal skills sufficient to interact effectively with staff, management and residents. (Required)
  • Skill in prioritizing assignments and adjusting those priorities when there are changes in workload and/or competing deadlines. (Required)
  • Ability to work independently and follow through on assignments with minimal supervision. (Required)
  • Ability to stand, climb, stoop, push, pull and crouch for extended periods of times, as required to complete job assignments. Ability to lift tools & materials weighing up to 50 pounds from floor to waist high and rotate upper torso. Ability to lift materials and parts, up to 50 pounds, from shoulder to above head while standing on ladder. (Required)
  • Possession of valid CA driver’s license for operation of university vehicles. (Required)
  • Ability to differentiate colors. (Required)
  • Some operational knowledge of personal computers and some experience with basic computer software including Microsoft Windows, Word and Excel. (Preferred)