MRS Manager

Job Description

Under the direction of the Director, Conferences & Event Operations, the Senior Food Service Manager, Meeting Room Services implements strategic planning for all meeting room services provided by our Conference Center program. Supervises all operational staff and services for our high-volume Conference program located at Sunset Village, Covel Commons, Northwest Auditorium, Sproul Meeting Rooms, Bradley Hall, Carnesale Commons and DeNeve Plaza. Annual events number over 5000. Operational entities include meeting room furniture and set-up personnel, the audio/visual technical crew and the Event Facilitator staff. Focus is on operation management of department. Major responsibilities include supervision of career and casual staff, assisting in the development and coordination of the audio/visual program, equipment management, and facility condition as it pertains to conference group use plus assistance in the preparation, management and fiduciary control of department budget. Interact with team members and guests in a high-volume conference meeting room environment. Other responsibilities include execution of other functions and responsibilities as assigned by management.