Nutrition Education Coordinator

Job Description

Under the direction of the Associate Director of Dining Services, the Nutrition Education Coordinator is responsible for all nutrition and wellness programs for the Housing & Hospitality Services (H&HS). The Nutrition Education Coordinator assumes leadership and full functional responsibility for the planning, development, implementation, assessment, and management of evidence-based health promotion and education programs in the areas of nutrition and wellness. Position plans, develops, evaluates, and implements education programs and services that meet the nutritional needs of the Housing & Hospitality Services population and supports dining operations. Coordinate student and team member wellness related outreach events in the Housing & Hospitality Services organization. Meet with students, parents, and dining management regarding individual resident nutritional concerns due to medical conditions and/or allergies. Assist senior leadership with developing programmatic changes to menus in accordance with evidence-based nutrition and health guidelines. Assist dining management with the implementation of healthier menu and recipe items. Work closely with the Chefs to implement new recipes and modify existing recipes to include healthier ingredients and methods of preparation. Assist Chefs with training dining team members on how to implement these changes and the importance of doing so. Conduct large classroom training, small group training, and hands-on training with dining team members on nutrition related topics including but not limited to, healthy menus and recipes, veganism, food allergies, and sustainability. Maintain and update the nutritional information for the residential restaurants utilizing the FoodPro recipe system. Prepare and present nutrition and wellness training classes for large groups, up to 400 team members. Serve as Chair of the H&HS Employee Wellness Committee and coordinate the annual Wellness Fair and delivery of the FitWell classes and programs. Manage all aspects of the Diabetes Prevention Program for Housing & Hospitality Services. Other responsibilities include execution of other functions and responsibilities as assigned by management.