Job Description

Under the direction of the Project Service Manager Supervisor, perform the full range of journey level functions of a Plumber. Inspect, maintain, repair, design, modify, and alter residential infrastructure to include all buildings, common areas, equipment, and building systems and ensure the efficient operation. Assemble, install, and repair pipes composed of metals such as iron, steel, brass, copper, or lead, and non-metals such as glass, vitrified clay, and plastic. Assemble, install, and repair pipe-fittings, valves and fixtures of heating, water, and drainage systems. Cut and thread pipes using pipe cutters and cutting torch. Install and repair plumbing fixtures. Operate, inspect, and maintain tools of the plumbing trade. Perform finish plumbing and trim work. Read and interpret blueprints and develop layouts. Clean-up job site and assure good safety practices are observed on the job site and that tools and equipment are used with caution. Responsible for communicating job-related problems to appropriate supervisory levels in order to resolve on-site job concerns.