Recipe & Development Chef

Job Description

Under the general direction of the Executive Chef, the Culinary Recipe & Development Chef is responsible for recipe development for UCLA Dining Services. Develop, test, refine, and update recipes for all restaurants. Identify the proper ingredients, amounts, equipment, and methods of preparation for all recipes. Determine best practices for batch portioning for recipes; including measurement tools and kitchen equipment. Work closely with the Executive Chef and Production Managers to identify recipes for testing and determine final, approved recipes. Improve the quality and accuracy of recipes in the FoodPro production system. Ensure increased consistency of menu item preparation by thoroughly refining recipes with updated production methods and presentation pictures. Expand future quality menu items by implementing a controlled R&D process taking into consideration guest needs, product capabilities and nutrition. Maintain accurate and detailed record keeping skills. Work closely with the production line staff to ensure recipes are executed accurately. Perform other Senior Food Service Manager duties as needed