Senior Graphic Designer

Job Description

Under the general direction of the UCLA Housing & Hospitality Services (H&HS) Marketing & Communications Associate Director, produce, coordinate, supervise, and monitor the development of a wide variety of marketing and communication materials (printed, electronic, and web-based) for UCLA’s Housing & Hospitality Services Division. These materials include sales, marketing, promotional, informational, and communications pieces for the following H&HS departments: Housing Administration, Conference Services, Catering, Vending and Coffee Service, Dining Services, Rooms Operations, Housing Services, the UCLA Guest House, and the Lake Arrowhead Conference Center. Work as needed in partnership with UCLA Administration and other University department (such as ORL and the Alumni Association) to develop marketing and communications materials.

On all projects, the Principal Publications Coordinator performs and manages creative functions (graphic design, copy writing, and editing), production functions (producing materials in-house using graphic design software, preparing final files for the commercial print process) and works with vendors (commercial printers, photographers, graphic designers, and consultants) to evaluate and secure estimates and services. Manage and monitor projects from creative inception stage through production, printing, and delivery of final product.

The target salary range for this position is between the posted minimum and $5,416 monthly.

Job Qualifications

1. Demonstrated advanced writing and editing skills to generate a variety of copy writing styles and content for printed, electronic, and web-based publications including but not limited to brochure copy, report writing, creative writing, news writing, and advertisement copy writing. (Required)
2. Demonstrated advanced computer graphic design skills and software knowledge to produce a wide variety of marketing and communications materials. (Required)
3. Demonstrated thorough knowledge and understanding of computer graphic design production and printing processes to effectively interface, oversee, and collaborate with commercial printers, photographers, and other outside vendors. This includes knowledge of routinely acceptable costs for each of these services and the ability to produce specification sheets and obtain and evaluate estimates. (Required)
4. Proven ability to work under the demands on many tasks simultaneously in a deadline-driven environment, consistently delivering high-quality results on time. (Required)
5. Creative ability to brainstorm, conceptualize, and develop graphic concepts and appropriate text for a variety of marketing and communications pieces, independently or leading a group. (Required)
6. Proven customer service skills with a commitment to the highest professional standards. (Required)
7. Ability to manage, direct, motivate, and reach consensus with a diverse group of people in a committee environment. (Required)
8. Excellent communication skills to work one on one with clients in a professional and persuasive manner. (Required)
9. Diplomacy skills to tactfully and professionally interact with a diverse mix of individuals, including colleagues, University faculty and staff, clients, and vendors, in a variety of circumstances and settings. (Required)
10. Outstanding organizational skills to successfully manage and bring to closure a variety of projects simultaneously, with professional and excellent results. (Required)
11. Exceptional attention to detail and proven follow-through skills to thoroughly and successfully manage and address all aspects of each project. (Required)
12. Analytical thinking skills to quickly and effectively conceive, conceptualize, and carry out projects from inception to finished piece. Ability to develop comprehensive outlines for each project. (Required)
13. Thorough knowledge of how to navigate the Web to conduct research and explorations. (Required)
14. Problem-solving skills to develop, suggest, and implement alternatives and solutions to the many challenges that accompany the creation and management of a variety of marketing projects. (Required)
15. Knowledge of UCLA’s Housing & Hospitality Services units and the standard practices they employ and principles under which they operate. (Preferred)
16. Working knowledge of standard marketing practices and procedures, including development of marketing plans and the researching and tracking of marketing trends. (Preferred)
17. Knowledge of the organizational structure of the UCLA campus and how it relates to UCLA’s Housing & Hospitality Services units. (Preferred)
18. Knowledge of the hospitality industry and its general practices and procedures. (Preferred)
19. Knowledge and understanding of marketing research techniques and the ability to explore and apply them to the operation of UCLA’s hospitality units. (Preferred)