Job Description

Under the direction of the Dining Management Team, receive, store, account for, and distribute food and non-food products. Receive daily orders for various food and non-food products and assists manager with reconciling quantity and items received against the invoice. Conduct random spot checks for quality of products and reports any issues to management. Store all deliveries in the appropriate storage location, using the First-In/First-Out (FIFO) method. Maintain all storage areas in an orderly, clean, and organized fashion. Coordinate loan and borrow of items with other dining units, including pick up and transfer of products. Maintain accurate waste and temperature logs. Assists management with weekly inventory process. Assist with serving customers, food preparation, cleaning and other duties as assigned.

Job Qualifications

Ability to read, understand and speak English sufficient to determine and carry out job duties. Required

Skill in interacting effectively with guests, vendors, and team members and managers in a high volume restaurant setting using positive body language, direct eye contact, active listening, problem solving techniques. Required

Ability to interact in a team based environment. Required

Ability to perform effectively under conditions of fluctuating workload. Required

Skill in adding and subtracting whole numbers, decimals and fractions sufficient to properly calculate product needs. Required

Ability to stand, climb, stoop, push and crouch for extended periods of time as required to complete job duties. Required

Ability to lift items weighing up to fifty pounds such as bags of supplies, and cases of food products. Required

Ability to stand continuously throughout an eight hour shift on uncarpeted surfaces. Required

Ability to measure dry and liquid food stuffs in units of measurement such as cup, pint, quart, pound, and oz to properly adhere to recipe and production requirements. Required

Knowledge of the rules and procedures of sanitation and safety as they apply to production, storage and service within a food establishment. Required

Time management and organizational skills to review projected deliveries and plan daily work schedule. Required

Ability to effectively and efficiently organize storage areas using the FirstIn, First Out (FIFO) method. Required

Ability to review menus and recipes against current on-hand inventory and calculate ordering needs. Required

Ability to accurately count on-hand inventory for the weekly inventory process. Required

Ability to maintain clean, orderly and organized storage areas. Required

Ability to accurately read and record temperatures of storage areas. Required

Ability to receive daily orders and reconcile delivered items against the invoice and purchase book. Required

Ability to conduct random spot checks of items delivered for quality of product.

Ability to maintain an accurate level of inventory for a large restaurant.

Previous experience working in a large scale restaurant with product storage. Preferred

Basic culinary skills and a good understanding of culinary terminology. Preferred

Ability to operate equipment such as mixers, food processors, food cutters, meat slicers, blenders, impingers, gas range, hoods, flat top grill, charbroiler, hot wells, deep fat fryers, access card readers, radio communication devices, hydraulic lifts, trash compactors, combination ovens, steamers, rotisserie equipment, washware equipment. Preferred