Stores Supervisor

Job Description

Under the general direction of the MSO-II Materials Manager, the Stores Supervisor shall perform material management duties for Housing and Hospitality in accordance with University and departmental guidelines. Oversee daily operation/maintenance of the Housing Parts Department, which utilizes three stock rooms. Train, supervise, and evaluate fulltime career staff in various geographical locations. Monitor inventory control using database management programs. Oversee the periodic physical inventory of stockroom supplies and equipment including the Annual Physical Inventory Equipment Report. Develop, implement, and maintain systems for tracking, maintenance, and repair of tools, equipment and fleet vehicles. Monitor uniform service and purchase of supplies and equipment. Resolve problems associated with orders, prices, quantity, delivery, etc. Responsible for some aspects of fleet management including the semi-annual maintenance of vehicles, emergency repairs and completion of accident reports. Duties include frequent moving and unloading of large appliances and unit furnishings and equipment. Coordinate staff to provide clerical support for department, pull material from stock per request, and maintain sufficient inventory to provide facilities staff with the parts and equipment required to respond to residents’ daily requests. Ensure staff restocks shelves. Oversee the receipt, documentation, and processing of incoming/outgoing material. Maintain clean and safe work environment. Assist auditors and move equipment. Complete other duties as assigned.