Assistant General Manager, Luskin Conference Center

Job Description

Reporting to the General Manager of the UCLA Luskin Conference Center (LCC), the Assistant General Manager is responsible for the overall leadership, guidance and direction of the LCC Rooms Division. The Assistant General Manager assists the General Manager in managing day-to-day operations and maximizing conference center profitability while achieving the highest levels of guest satisfaction. The Assistant General Manager is responsible for ensuring that quality standards are met in all areas (including, but not limited to, appearance, maintenance, cleanliness, furnishings, and amenities), and oversees all aspects of the Rooms Division operations including: guest relations, front desk, revenue management, reservations, PBX services, housekeeping, team building, and staff development. The Assistant General Manager must possess strong communication skills, both verbal and written, demonstrate outstanding leadership that will instill and reinforce the development of a service culture, while ensuring that all guest service issues are handled expeditiously and with careful attention. The Assistant General Manager must strive for continuous operational improvement, looking for causes to compromised service delivery or product quality and work with team members to correct operational deficiencies at their source to prevent recurrence of issues that negatively impact guest perception.

Experience in pre-opening/opening a conference center or group-based hotel of similar size is preferred.