Grounds Equipment Operator

Job Description

Under the direct supervision of the Grounds Supervisor, the Grounds Equipment Operator is responsible for the daily cleanliness and upkeep of the hard surfaces on the exterior areas of on campus Housing & Hospitality facilities (approximately 20 acres of building and exterior space). Approximately 70% of the Grounds Equipment Operator time will be spent performing cleaning duties requiring the use of drivable cleaning equipment such as mid-size street sweeper, hard surface scrubbers, fork-lifts and high pressure washers. The remaining 30% of their work time will be spent in performing various housekeeping duties in public areas including practicing customer service, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, collecting and disposing of trash, dusting, waxing furniture and fixtures and polishing brass, chrome and metal fixtures. The Grounds Equipment Operator is responsible for securing outside entry doors and reporting suspicious individuals or circumstances to campus police or to immediate supervisor. The Grounds Equipment Operator must carry a valid California Drivers’ License to operate equipment and will be responsible for the routine maintenance of each piece, including ensuring fuel and fluid levels.

Job Qualifications

Required Qualifications

Ability to communicate in English sufficiently and to understand simple work instructions and to impart information.

Ability to write Basic English words and phrases in order to complete forms regarding work to be done.

Ability to read labels on cleaning solutions, written directions and work schedules.

Ability to interact politely and courteously with University staff, guests and residents.

Working knowledge of fundamental janitorial and custodial procedures.

Ability to recognize when public areas are adequately neat and clean.

Skill in operating a variety of industrial and/or janitorial equipment including waxers, hard surface scrubbers, steam cleaner, gas or electric blower and street sweeper.

Ability to properly use, control and inventory equipment and supplies.

Ability to lift items weighing up to 50 pounds.

Ability to work independently or with others as directed or assigned.

Ability to work overtime, swing shifts or weekends as assigned in order to meet operational needs.

Ability to perform various custodial duties that involve walking, standing, climbing stairs and ladders, stooping and crouching.

Valid California drivers license required.