Salary & Health Benefits

Base Salary

Your base salary does not include benefits, bonuses, or any other potential compensation. Non-exempt employees with hourly compensation can estimate a base salary based on their hourly rate, multiplied by the number of hours worked during one year.* * Please note: Some positions on the UCLA campus are covered by a collective bargaining agreement. Each job posting lets you know if it is a covered position or not. Employees in covered positions are required to pay union dues to their exclusive representative union. Due amounts vary from union to union.

Health Benefits

The University offers employees a wide array of medical plans, dental plans and a vision plan. Employees have these medical plan options:
  • Blue Shield Health Savings Plan, a PPO with a UC-funded health savings account that also allows you to contribute tax-free
  • Health Net Blue & Gold, an HMO with a network designed just for UC
  • Kaiser, an HMO with a closed network of doctors and hospitals
  • UC Care, a PPO plan created just for UC with access to UC doctors and medical centers as well as the entire Blue Shield PPO network
  • Core, a catastrophic plan
Behavioral health benefits for these plans are provided by Optum (except for the Core plan, which uses Blue Shield). Employees have a choice of two dental plans to help maintain good dental health:
  • Delta Dental PPO Plan, a PPO plan, available worldwide, provides you and your family with the flexibility to choose any licensed dentist or specialist.
  • DeltaCare® USA, a dental HMO, is available only in California and provides you and your family with comprehensive benefits and easy referrals to specialists.
The University pays the monthly premium for both the employee and their eligible family members. Employees receive comprehensive vision care benefits provided by: The University offers the following benefits to help create a comprehensive safety net to protect employees from loss of wages due to disability, loss of life or accidents:
  • Disability Insurance, UC provides basic Short-Term Disability at no cost for most employees. You can choose to enroll in optional Supplemental Disability insurance for which you pay the premium.
  • Life Insurance, UC provides basic life insurance at no cost for most employees. Additional insurance for you and your family members is available for a monthly premium.
  • Accidental Dealth and Dismemberment, help protect you and your family from the unforeseen financial hardship of a serious accident that causes death or dismemberment.

Family Members Eligible for Health Benefits

Employees can elect insurance coverage for themselves and eligible family members. You may enroll the following family members in your UC benefits:
  • Spouse
  • Domestic partner
  • Children (biological or adopted, stepchildren, domestic partner’s children)
  • Grandchildren, step-grandchildren, domestic partner’s grandchildren
  • Legal ward
For information on eligibility criteria see the Group Insurance Eligibility Fact Sheet for Employees.

Retirement Benefits

UC strives to take care of our employees, not only while you’re working but also at the end of their UC careers. Our retirement benefits can help you build a more financially secure future. Learn more about UC’s retirement benefits:

Other Benefits

In addition to excellent health and retirement benefits, UC also offers you access to legal services, tax-savings plans and other benefits at reduced prices.

Total Compensation

UC offers employees a comprehensive compensation package, including competitive salaries and a full range of benefits, services and programs. Use our calculator to see the full value of your compensation: Total Compensation Calculator